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Twitter debuted a shiny new user profile page recently and simultaneously launched new versions of its
official iOS and Android apps. Much was made of the changes, but lost in the PR blitz is this:

  • Any Twitter user that posts photos to the service from now on will be doing it via Twitter’s own photo service, not via one of the many third-party providerssuch as yFrog, Mobypicture or Twitpic.

The option to choose a photo service is now missing in the settings on Twitter’s mobile apps. Users can
still choose a video hosting service (for how long, one has to wonder) and a read later service, but the
photo service chooser is gone.

This isn’t unexpected, of course. Reports surfaced over the weekend that Twitter was about to ditch
third-party image services. Twitter launched its own photo service in August 2011 via a partnership with
Photobucket, which does the image hosting.

As I wrote prior, this is Twitter’s latest step toward controlling the user experience, particularly
around the display of tweets. In this case, dropping support for third-party photo services means users
will stay on Twitter itself when viewing photos in the future — those added page views are no doubt also
added opportunities for advertising.

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Making Web Money Digital Marketing Magazine

Making Web Money Online Digital Marketing Magazine October 2012


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Making Web Money Online Digital Marketing Magazine October 2012